Autumn time, red leaves fall while the weeping sky looks overall.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Haiku Sunday -- After Valentine's Day

Aphrodite by Susan Seddon-Boulet

Love Magic

I bind myself to
myself in a sacred act
of love magic now.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Haiku Sunday -- After New Moon Gathering

Tonight's haiku is from my spirit sister Jenni Schroeder. Our circle was born 18 years ago; each New Moon we meet to share our lessons and achievements and our spiritual insights. This poem is a gift from Jenni and turned out to be somewhat prophetic for our whole group this evening. She gave her blessing for me to share it with you tonight.
Blessed New Moon
(Imbolc Haiku)

Days passed fall away
leaving space for the lightness
and that which will serve.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Climate Change

Winter Goddess
According to my altar, it's still winter. Midwinter, yes, but still winter. And I'm feeling grouchy over people complaining about weather that's perfectly normal for winter.

Of course here in the paradise of California's central coast those complaints are mostly limited to temperatures that drop below 60 degrees or another gray rainy day. I understand the longing for spring's blue skies and predictable warm afternoons. The garden beckons me too. Barely finished with winter pruning chores I'm already window shopping for bright annuals that might survive the deer. My "Secret Garden" board on Pinterest is filled with project ideas, and I've found an online source for unusual salvias I can't wait to order from.

So I really do empathize.

But I love the in-between times and am in no rush. Since following the traditions of witchcraft I've developed an appreciation for the subtle shifts that happen between the seasons, between the worlds, between realism and surrealism. And I wonder if the reason so many people "Can't wait for spring/summer/fall/winter" to begin or end is because our culture, our mainstream culture, has familiarized us with polarities. We like black or white. We like straight or gay, sick or healthy, us or them, happy or depressed. Love or hate. We don't always know how to cope with those degrees that fall in between.

If I allow for a middle ground it's harder to defend my position as RIGHT and yours as WRONG.

But back to the weather. Spring is coming. Flowers and hope and renewal are on their way. Let's enjoy them as they come each in their own time. And let's enjoy the unpredictable mid-winter weather that brings rain and hail and gray that lasts until the black takes over and skies so blue you long to sprout wings.

Blessed Be


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Haiku Sunday -- After Imbolc

Tender green shoots push
through winter-cold bones and flesh
to reach coming light.

Ocean Sisters dance,
Celebrating each new step
and vibrant rhythm



Friday, February 1, 2013

Blessed Imbolc

Tomorrow, February 2 is Imbolc, my favorite holy day on the Wheel of the Year. Well, they're all my favorites but Imbolc does hold special meaning to me. Many years ago I learned about the Celtic Goddess Brighid, goddess of fire, water, writing and healing. Brighid is the goddess most typically honored at Imbolc. I related to her as a mentor. I wanted to be a writer, I wanted to study herbal healing, astrologically speaking I'm a triple fire sign and water, well, I changed my whole life to be near the ocean; the element that had called to my soul since I was a child visiting my California relatives.

Imbolc is the time many Pagan folks dedicate or rededicate themselves to their path, spiritual, professional and otherwise. The symbol that best represents this day for me is the early crocus pushing its way out of the snow-covered ground. Imbolc is a cross-quarter day. Winter is waning but it's not yet spring. Imbolc is the hope of spring, the promise that rebirth is coming. The quickening.

I'm gathering with a few of my sisters this Imbolc to join in a cleansing ritual to prepare for the coming rebirth. It's a ritual my first teacher, Morgan, shared with me though I don't remember that we performed it specifically for Imbolc. I want to share it with you because it's a beautiful, meditative ritual to participate in alone or with a group. We'll be gathering at the beach because the ocean is the sacred body of water closest to us, but any well, creek or lake that calls to you would be just fine with Brighid.

Imbolc Cleansing Ritual:

Go to a body of water. Bring with you a gift to offer Brighid, something that is safe to leave in the natural environment. Also bring a towel and perhaps a change of clothes. The spirit might move you to get very wet, but it's not required.

Cleanse and ground. Holding your offering, meditate on the things you'd like to be cleansed of this Imbolc, the energies or habits you don't want to carry into the coming spring. Let the gift become the symbol of all those unwanted things. When you're ready toss the item into the water. Ask Brighid to receive your gift and transform it into something positive and useful. Perform a personal cleansing by dripping a few drops of water on your chakras or washing your hand and feet or diving right in and going for a swim -- whatever action calls to you! Just remember to be safe.

When you've completed your cleansing walk along the shore or bank in a state of receptivity. Brighid may send you a gift such as a special stone or feather or a message whispered in your ear. Once you've received your gift give thanks to the Goddess and to the elements.

Blessed Imbolc

PS: No, I haven't forgotten about your Tarot readings! I do apologize that it's taken me so long. More people were interested than I anticipated and at the same time I got a big writing assignment that's kept me busy. I'm actually going to to my best to complete the promised readings tomorrow on Imbolc. Divine timing!