Autumn time, red leaves fall while the weeping sky looks overall.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Synchronous Inspiration

Ever since I read Richard Bach's Illusions back in high school I've been fascinated by the phenomenon of synchronicity. Yes, blue feathers (or red leaves or yellow shoes) will start showing up in your life if you take a few moments to focus on them. Notice them. That's why I'm extra happy about some of the new opportunities, inspirations and connections that have recently come my way.

After months of meditating about and talking about how my spiritual life is not as fulfilling as it once was -- how I've "lost the spark" so to speak, and thinking about ways to reignite the fire,  new gifts keep trickling into my life. I am paying attention and I'm grateful. The FB Women Who Run with the Wolves book club is so full of creative, thoughtful women. Their art and comments spur me to try new things and go deeper. Thank you Angie at Pagan Writers Press for sharing the information.

As you know I was also gifted with the opportunity to review "Soul Path" magazine and that inspired me to make some magical potions (aka homemade bath salts and a facial mask) and give myself a day of pampering as every goddess deserves. I do love kitchen witchery!

So in a manner of a few weeks I've gone from lamenting my somewhat rote, dry spiritual practice to having a calendar full of red circles marking all the fun events and projects coming my way. Just today it was confirmed that I'll be teaching a class on faery magic for Tribal Whispers next summer. Yipee!

Juicy creative soulful exploration of the natural and supernatural worlds is part of what drew me to the goddess path more than 20 years ago. Not many spiritual traditions give you an excuse to dress like a wolf or spend the day making art out of acorns all in the name of sacred play, and sacred play is what's been missing from my life. By recognizing the lack and naming it I was able to find the remedy. I've called it to me. As each gift arrives I say "Oh, this is an answer to my prayer, how lovely!" And I give thanks. More come. More gratitude.

What's that quote from Emerson -- When you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen.

When we make a decision about our lives synchronicity goes to work. Doors open, teachers come, opportunity knocks. Interconnected "coincidences" lay a path in front of us that ultimately leads to our desire. And that's true, I believe, whether my decision is that I'm a failure and this will never work or I'm going to succeed.

Because I'm a writer and writing is how I navigate myself through life this recent renewal of juiciness has also inspired a new project. More on that next time. I'm thinking I might blog parts of the book here. Is that tedious or interesting? In the meantime I encourage you to be on the lookout for blue feathers. They're every where, each one a gift from the Universe.


  1. Tammie, I am so happy that WWRWW has been a small part of your renewal. I love your comments about "art as sacred play." I am going to adopt that. Won't it be wonderful when we can live Life as Sacred Play!