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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Review: Soul Path Magazine

I recently got the opportunity to read “Soul Path” magazine, a goddess-based publication created and edited by Lyn Thurman – a talented witchy woman I hope to get to know better! I really enjoyed the magazine and will definitely become a new subscriber. You can learn more about Lyn, Soul Path magazine and Soul Path Tribe at  

I especially liked the way the themes were carried throughout the articles. Freya is the goddess for the September issue and not only did we learn about her mythology, Lyn’s team of talented writers also provided ritual ideas, recipes, a Tarot reading, crafts and products that give a reader the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and relationship with this aspect of the Divine. Loved it. You could spend the whole month immersed in the study of Freya with little more that this edition of Soul Path as a resource.

Goddess Guidance by Doreen Virtue
Loyalty, a trait which relates to Freya’s story, is the other theme for September and was also woven through the magazine in an effective, uplifting way.

I also appreciated the contributions from Bernard, the intuitive color reader and Paul Thurman who wrote a touching and personal article about loyalty. Yes, men writing for a goddess magazine! So healing to hear from brothers who are in touch with goddess energy and want to share their experiences.

OK, in the name of fairness I have to admit there was one thing I wasn’t crazy about – but that’s all, one. In my opinion there were too many articles. I know that probably sounds crazy, but I could have done with fewer but longer articles that went a little deeper into the subject.

I don’t always like reading online publications but Soul Path gets high marks for visual appeal – no funky background colors or fancy fonts, just well laid out print and clear, attractive graphics.
As is usual, the Universe brought this gift at a time when I’d put out the call for new ideas and connections to enliven my path. So thank you Universe and Lyn for bringing this gift! I highly recommend Soul Path magazine and I look forward to future issues.


  1. Oh, thank you for your review. It's lovely and my husband Paul is equally as chuffed (he's a huge goddess supporter). Thank you again and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better too <3

    1. My pleasure. It's a very enjoyable read and deserves to do well. I like the whole idea that you're building community with Soul Tribe, not just trying to sell a product. Blessed be.

  2. Fantastic review! I am grateful to connect with the Goddess energy. :)

  3. Thank you Bernard. I found your article on the color gold to be enlightening and I appreciate your talents.