Autumn time, red leaves fall while the weeping sky looks overall.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Cleaning Rituals

As the Wheel of the Year turns, and each new season brings its gifts, part of my observance is to clean all the thresholds of my home and beautify the entrance. I sweep away cobwebs and remove spent plants. Dusty windows and ledges "magically" transform into shiny, dust-free surfaces with the help of a homemade cleanser and a bit of scrubbing. The last season's d├ęcor gets wiped down and hauled back into storage while new items revive the energy.

Most of my housework chores are completed without a great deal of thought, but on or around the eight holy days I take my time. Fall cleaning rituals are similar to those practiced in spring. At each season I work widdershins to remove the old and tired then deosil to bring in the new. I pray and meditate. I ask Goddess to keep our home sound and our family safe within its walls. I give thanks for all we have and remember those who have not.

A broom, a bottle of rosemary cleanser and a bundle or two of sage provide both physical and energetic cleaning. I anoint front and back doors with a pure essential oil -- whatever my intuition calls for that season -- and visualize positive energy entering while the negative exits. Some new wreath or decoration, made with magical intent of course, adorns the front entrance.

I feel better when I'm done, more connected to the natural world. Acknowledging that the season has changed, that summer is different from fall and fall is different from Hallows yet to come helps me keep magic alive in my life and in my home. It's a small thing, yet powerful. To change with the seasons and not with a linear calendar is a powerful thing.

On the weekend closest to Mabon I begin my fall cleaning ritual. Sometimes it takes an entire week to finish, to wash all the windows inside and out, to plant a few mums and make a new wreath from sticks and feathers, to start in the east and walk a full circle around my home with a wand of smoldering sage, but I'm not in a hurry.

Autumn isn't one day, it's a full season. Autumn doesn't mind if my steps are slow.

Magical Cleansing Potion:
  • Decoct a strong tea of rosemary using several sprigs of fresh rosemary and two cups of boiling water. Allow the tea to steep for at least ten minutes, and let it cool. Discard the spent herbs. 
  • Pour the cool liquid into a spray bottle and add an equal amount of white vinegar.
  • Add 2 to 3 drops of eco-friendly liquid soap. Shake lightly.
Use this cleanser for windows, doors, sacred objects and regular household cleaning.

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